Gertrude and The Doll have been reunited again this last week and working together on the WHHR in Porthmadog.

The worksplates went on Gerty on the Saturday of the ‘Elements’ event, and they look very nice. We are unsure if she has worn any worksplates since possibly as early as 1949 (pictures in S&L are often in shadow to the rear of the loco, and rarely does the left-hand side get seen). Perhaps the only picture with a worksplate is the official view, although The Doll did have hers (at least one of them) quite late on.

As part of the anniversary of The Oakwood Press, Gertrude carried their name board on the front of the train for one of the runs.


On the Sunday, Doll also worked evening trains solo, as part of a Russell fundraising event.

The Doll

Both photos with thanks to credit to Oakwood Visuals.